New STIMULOVAL Pour le Massage Tonique du Visage et du Cou

STIMULOVAL For the Toning Massage of the Face and Neck

With its patented conical spikes made of flexible elastomer, it exerts pointed and alternating pressure, deeply massaging the face and the décolleté.

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Méthode Jeanne Piaubert Research has developed a specific massage appliance and gestures for the face and décolleté: the STIMULOVAL.

Through its soft elastomer coned nodules, it exercises alternating on/off pressure points that activate the tissues perpendicular to the surface of the skin.

This, combined with its rotary system, provides an in-depth massage of the skin without damaging the issues.

USE: The Stimuloval must be used on perfectly cleansed skin before application of your daily care. To be effective, the massage using the Stimuloval should be applied regularly. To ensure the best hygienic conditions, remember to wash it regularly with soap and water.

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