New GYM-TONER Appareil de Massage-Drainage pour un Corps Ferme et Tonique

GYM-TONER Massage-Drainage Appliance for a Firm, Well-Toned Body

A revolutionary technique thanks to its rotating multi-head that boosts the effectiveness of care.

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Méthode Jeanne Piaubert Research has developed GYM-TONER, the first massage-drainage appliance with a revolutionary technique. Built with several rotating heads with spikes, it provides an efficient, toning massage without moving tissues:

- It activates blood and lymphatic microcirculation,

- It helps maintain dermal fibre quality,

- It tones tissues and improves oxygenation.

USE: GYM-TONER can be used every day on the whole body to bring relaxation, well-being and energy. After the massage, apply a slimming or targeted shaping care. For hygiene reasons, regularly wash your GYM-TONER with soapy water.

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