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RADICAL FIRMNESS Lifting-Firming Face Cream + Eyelid Cream FREE The ultimate firming duo! A concentrate of efficiency for an intensely firmed skin and an anti-gravity effect, that's the promise of our RADICAL FIRMNESS duo!

74,75 €

This gel transformes into a delicate and unctuous foam that moisturizes the skin, revealing it's natural radiance.

29,95 €

This dual-action mask is purifying and illuminating thanks to Kaolin and its Hydro-Milk complex.

41,60 €

This expert anti-aging concentrate with a hybrid oleo-serum formula combats all signs of ageing, while boosting the regeneration of the epidermis.

217,60 €

This gel encases the eyelids and lifts them permanently for an antigravity effect, thanks to Rye and Sorghum extracts.

52,00 €

The DIVINSKIN sleeping mask preserves your youth generator and stimulates β-endorphins thanks to OXYDREAM for a well-rested, radiant and beautiful skin upon waking up.

67,65 €

EXCLUSIVE OFFER ! L'HYDRO-ACTIVE 24H Tri-Hydrating Comfort Cream + Eye Cooling Gel-Cream FREE Hydration is the key to this sophisticated duo! The Tri-Moisturizing Comfort Cream, with its unctuous texture, offers real hydration to normal to dry skin. In addition, the Tri-Moisturizing Eye Freshening Gel-Cream helps to restore a radiant, smoothed and...

45,90 €

A pioneer in two-phase texture, this treatment gives new life to dry skin thanks to its aqueous and oily texture.

56,10 €

This expert fluid serum corrects the major signs of aging thanks to its anti-wrinkle and lifting action.

220,40 €

In 10 minutes, this cream-mask restructures the networking of the skin, lifting it thanks to Matrifirm.

52,00 €

The DIVINSKIN Serum preserves the skin's youth generator and protects it from pollution thanks to Pollustop®. The complexion is more unified and radiant. Smooth and protected from aggressions, the skin reveals all its beauty.

71,30 €

LE SÉRUM UNIVERSEL for use at night is an elixir for all ages and all skin types. Enriched with the Nightech-7 Complex, it renews and restores the cutaneous structure during sleep for a more beautiful complexion upon waking.

79,90 €
Showing 25 - 36 of 60 items