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This refreshing toning water eliminates all imperfections and mattifies combination to oily skin.

23,46 €

This mask offers a boost to the skin thanks to its unique creamy texture to rub.

41,67 €

5 minutes, 3 actions, 1 eye cream: Mosturizes with hyaluronic acid, smooths with Hydroxyproline and revives thanks to Caffeine.

33,17 €

This expert eye cream offers a complete solution for all the problems in this fragile area: signs of age, dark circles and bags.

75,42 €

This youthful skin generator preserves the skin thanks to its Bi-Complexe Age Protect: wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed and the skin is detoxified.

55,25 €

Its Decaliftase complex lifts the skin thanks to its simultaneous action on all skin layers.

59,83 €

Its unique combination of microbeads removes impurities, gently exfoliates and illuminates the skin.

30,58 €

This night creme melts into the skin, fighting against the signs of fatigue for an ultra-fresh complexion upon waking up.

40,83 €

This fresh and lightweight eye creme awakens this fragile area by fighting the signs of dehydration and fatigue.

31,67 €

In 10 minutes, this hybrid texture mask melts into the skin turning into a serum that nourishes and reduces the signs of tiredness of the face and eyes.

41,63 €

This day creme matifies combination to oily skin thanks to its light and non-greasy texture.

28,92 €

This expert neck and décolleté care fights against the signs of aging, and more particularly to combate spots and brighten this delicate zone.

73,58 €
Showing 13 - 24 of 53 items