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This honey-colored transparent oil is transformed into a milky cloud upon contact with water.

32,10 €

This roll-on, alchohol and fragrance-free, deodorant limits hair regrowth thanks to its natural ingredients.

26,60 €

Based on Chrono-nutrition, this smooth cream deliveries the skin the essential elements to start the day.

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Thanks to Sil-Activ, the dermal fibers are reinforced improving their resistance and their elasticity.

55,20 €

This targeted treatment offers a triple protective action for hands that appear beautified and younger.

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This universal slimming treatment, based on the anti-yoyo concept, helps to find your dream silhouette and fight against cellulite.

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This fresh mousse texture crackles on contact with the skin and provides an immediate tightening effect.

73,25 €

In 15 days, this slimming cream fights rebellious cellulite and stored fat cells.

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The revolutionary bust care to use right after meals to gain volume.

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NEW ! SLIMSCULPT 3 EN 1 has a triple action: slimming, firmness and anti-cellulite thanks to its FIT MEMORY complex. The body regains its natural ability to self-sculpt.

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This soap-free blue shower gel is enriched with moisturizing, softening and anti-limescale agents

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This alcohol-free cream deodorant reduces hair regrowth thanks to its natural ingredients.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 32 items